PreSale/ Purchase

Pre-Sale Inspection

If you’re the seller and you wanted to sell a home or property, remember the buyer is going to be looking very carefully to see what needs to be done and every buyer wants to know what are they getting into. Just like you did when you were buying. So, it’s very important to have the property Inspected and if needed start fixing things months before you actually sell the house. This will ensure the market value of the house is upheld and deductions for repairs needed will not be argued by the buyer as it would be if issues with the property are discovered. Another reason for a Pre-Sale Inspection is to potentially find areas where WGI can maximize property value and increase your ROI.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you’re buying a home or property, you want to know an unbiased expert’s opinion on the existing conditions and of what potential problems you are adopting and how much money are you going to spending to fix them. Ultimately, the house is worth what the market value is if it doesn’t have any problems to be fixed. If there are issues to be fixed, then those costs should be leveraged and used to lower the purchase price because they’re a real expense relating to the property.

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PreSale/Purchase Inspection


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